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Learning a language is not easy and specially if you are coming from a different language family. I found new life by accident after arriving to Odessa looking for some Russian lessons. It turns out to be the best language school I have ever been to. I like the method that is used there. It doesn’t matter your level, you will start speaking Russian after a couple of lessons. Наталья is an amazing teacher. She is very patient, funny, and kindly persistent on getting you to speak Russian in the class.

Livenghtston C.

Don’t look for another place to learn Russian !
Despite that Russian is not the easiest language to learn, you will be taught the most useful words and grammar to start your journey to Russian language. And because the location is right in the centre of Odessa, then you will practice what you learnt just few minutes after your lesson ! New life also provides you its own learning books (and audio recordings), so no use to waste your time looking for books in bookshops.
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Eric C
Very good School, overall for the teacher «Anna». She always is very helpful, friendly and too much clear in explain the complex russian language, and very convenient the cost. I recommend it!
Víctor Villalobos Almarza
I have been going to New Life for about 5 months now. It’s amazing how great the staff are and their wealth of teaching resources. My Russian has improved a lot. My teacher is extremely patient with me and flexible in our schedule. I’d definitely recommend New Life to anyone looking to learn Russian!
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Chris Obermeyer
I cannot even begin to explain how good this school is. After several failed attempts to learn Russian at other schools, I discovered «New Life» by accident and wow am I learning now in leaps and bounds. The staff, of course, is as friendly as it gets but they are also highly skilled at teaching Russian to foreigners especially to English speakers.
I honestly have never had language instructors who were so adept at «tapping into» their students’ minds. They really understand where your learning gaps are and tailor their instruction so perfectly to maximize your potential to get real results. The school’s culture and staff training no doubt flows directly from their founder and head of school, Anna, about whom I simply cannot speak strongly enough. She is fantastic in every respect!
If you are considering studying Russian in Odessa or taking lessons over Skype, this is definitely the place to do it. «New Life» is a true gem and I’m so happy to have found them. They genuinely care for your education and are not in it simply for the money. It’s a wonderful school and you will not be sorry to study with them.
Skip Davis
I’ve been having Russian lessons at New Life for the past 4 months. Anna’s a very encouraging teacher and she has developed a set of introductory materials to make Russian less daunting.
I’ve tried to learn before but I used to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information. Anna breaks it down into small chunks, which makes learning much more enjoyable.
If you’re looking for somewhere in Odessa to develop your Russian skills then try New Life.
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Tony Webber