Russian Lessons by Skype

Russian Lessons by Skype

Russian one-by-one lessons by Skype or Zoom

Russian School «New Life» uses its own unique method of teaching Russian online


We offer conversational Russian course which is easy to understand, keeps students’ attention and avoids difficult for understanding grammar terms.

The amount of information is just appropriate for your level and is not overwhelming.

You will learn things necessary for you and everyday life which will make the process of learning Russian online more interesting and motivating.

Description of the course

The first introductory course for beginners takes 24-28 hours. It gives you minimum knowledge necessary to survive in a Russian speaking environment, helps to overcome first difficulties in learning Russian.

After this course you will be able to introduce yourself, have a simple conversation at an informal occasion like a party. You will be able to invite somebody out, order a meal in a cafe, buy something in a shop. You will know all the numbers and get familiar with Ukrainian or Russian money. The book includes such topics as “Meeting People”, “At a Souvenir Shop”, “At a Café”, “Free time”. You will get general understanding of how Russian grammar works. After finishing this level you will be able to survive in the Russian speaking environment.

The basic Russian online course is our specialty. We teach Russian through stories. Stories are the best way to show how Russian grammar works. They make the process of learning less stressful and keep students interested.

The course takes 80-100 hours. It gives solid knowledge of Russian which lets students talk on basic topics and feel more confident in a Russian speaking environment.

Content of the text book

Units 1-9 will give you grammar and vocabulary necessary to tell about yourself, your family, to give basic information about other people. You will get familiar with most important noun cases. Verbs of movement are also studied in this section.

Units 10-13 will let you cope with everyday life in a Russian speaking environment. You will be able to check in at a hotel, to read a more complicated menu at a restaurant and make your order. The material in these units will also let you ask for directions, top up your phone, have a haircut, change money, etc.

Units 14-16 will help you to learn how to talk about your life style, daily routines, a place where you live.

Unit 17 contains material necessary for travelling.

Units 18-21 contain most common and useful verbs which will let you widen your speech abilities.

Levels B1 and B2 are based on stories, Internet articles and discussions of different topics.

During the lessons you will speak, speak and once again speak, because that’s the only way to become fluent and confident with a language.


How to start lessons with Russian online school «New Life»:

1. Complete the form: registration form (privacy policy)

2. Our manager will contact you and you will arrange the time for the first Russian lesson by Skype. You can also request free 30 minute online meeting with your potential teacher.

3. Pay for the first lesson on our site: pay online

4. Take the lesson. If everything suits you, pay for minimum 5 online lessons and continue your studies.


You can read about our refund policy and terms here: terms and conditions


We look forward to seeing you at our Russian online school!