Russian Online Lessons

Международные экзамены

Russian School «New Life» uses its own unique method of teaching Russian online

We divided the process of learning Russian online into two steps: the first one — Russian introductory course and the second one is the basic course of the Russian language. We also have Russian online lessons for advanced learners.

During the introductory online Russian course you will learn basic vital phrases, how to read Russian, you will see how Russian grammar works.

To make learning Russian online more effective we avoid using grammar terms.

The amount of information is just appropriate for beginners and is not overwhelming.

You will learn things necessary for everyday life which will make the process of learning Russian online more interesting and motivating.

The basic Russian online course is our specialty. We teach Russian through stories. Stories are the best way to show how Russian grammar works. They make the process of learning less stressful and keep students interested.

During the lessons you will speak, speak and once again speak, because that’s the only way to become fluent and confident with a language.


How to start lessons with Russian online school «New Life»:

1. Complete the form: registration form (privacy policy)

2. Our manager will contact you and you will arrange the time for the first Russian lesson by Skype. You can also request free 30 minute online meeting with your potential teacher.

3. Pay for the first lesson on our site: pay online

4. Take the lesson. If everything suits you, pay for minimum 5 online lessons and continue your studies.

You can read about our refund policy and terms here: terms and conditions

We look forward to seeing you at our Russian online school!


Our teachers

Anna Nadtochiy, the course author and the school hostess. Anna takes care of the teaching process. You can contact her by e-mail and leave your feedback on the lessons. Your opinion is really important, becuase we want to make our school perfect for learning Russian!

Natalie Avramenko

Natalie has deep knowledge and passion for teaching Russian as a foreign language. Caring relationships with her students help her teach Russian easily and successfully.


Olga Shevchenko

Olga fluently speaks German and English. A truly dedicated teacher. She does everything to make her students succeed in learning Russian. 

Vita Perehodnyuk

Vita is a cheerful person, but as a teacher Vita is really caring and at the same time determined to make students achieve good results.

Zoya Georgiyevskaya

«Zoya is a great teacher, very patient and she can explain everything in a very clear way».(feedback from our student Etienne)

Alina Torovets

Alina’s energy inspires students to learn Russian more and more. She has extraordinary preparation and organization skills.