Russian course at «New Life» school

Russian course at «New Life» school
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We offer the best quality course, best location and best prices!

The biggest advantage of our school is our own Russian course and approach to teaching Russian. We were obliged to compose our own course because traditional courses actually make Russian impossible to learn. So many people try to learn Russian and give up. They think that Russian is so difficult or that they do not own necessary intelligence to learn it.

Both answers are not true. The reason of failure is the wrong approach to teaching.

The biggest mistake is to give students more than they can take.

Another mistake is to teach something not useful.

And the final mistake is to stick to books and not to give enough oral drilling or practice.

We corrected all these mistakes and our students feel successful in learning Russian. That is why the name of the course is «Successful Russian».


About the author

Anna Nadtochiy is a Russian teacher in the second generation. Her mother taught Russian for foreigners from all around the world in a military college during soviet times.

She loves learning languages. Anna taught herself German, French, Spanish and Romanian and thinks that you can only teach yourself a foreign language successfully if you have audios available for listening, material should be given gradually and must be interesting and useful, that is motivating.
Being a Russian native speaker Anna always wanted to help foreigners from English speaking countries to learn Russian as they encountered great difficulties trying to do it. But the Russian text books at that time were composed in such a way that it made learning Russian almost impossible even with a teacher, especially for English speaking people.

The author started her carrier as an English teacher and got very well acquainted with communicative approach in teaching foreign languages. And she felt that she could help people who wanted to learn Russian.
Anna has been teaching Russian successfully since 2011, using her own courses — «Successful Russian introductory course» and «Successful Russian 2» for elementary students.