German for English speaking students

Международные экзамены

Language School «New Life» offers German course in Odessa for English Speaking students!

Evening course 3 times per week
48 classes
1 class — 90 minutes
Level A1
Start September 2020
Price 6720 UAH for the whole course 4 months
Call: +38095-907-81-20


Reviews from our page on Facebook

I had enjoyed my learning of German language in new life centre especially Olga mam who was my teacher..she taught us very well including the programme schedule which they have I am impressed..its 1 and half our class 3 times a week ..n I could not imagine that ..learning new language would be a great experience like this…the interactions between us and everyone over there was very good throught the end of course…👍😊

I am about to finish my A1 level of German language course ..and I must say its been a very nice journey..I have understood each and every theme of the German course ..our mentor Olga mam is very helpful and understanding throughout the entire course if I could not understand as anything she was there behind to help me..the class environment I spent was very friendly ..the modern technique of teaching foreign languages by audio method was quite impressive because by the help of that it helped me that how to pronounce some specific words….I enjoyed learning this new language n I am looking forward for the next upcoming levels ..I know as we progress the levels it would be difficult to learn but with your help I can learn it pretty well ..joining this school for learning German language was a good decision for me I am very happy with the response..😊